The Virtual Foundry: We’re Changing The Way Work Is Done

Filamet™ is the highest metal content, sinterable FDM filament on the market and allows users to create high quality 100% metal prints. Filamet™ boasts a low cost entry point, unlimited value, and endless possibilities. With Filamet™ it is possible to create objects that were once thought impossible from a desktop printer.

At The Virtual Foundry (TVF) we are staying true to our vision to make metal 3D printing realistic for everyone with an FDM printer. In order to continue to provide our users with the highest quality success, we have created The FilaWarmer. This new innovation improves the success of the printing process and frees users from needing to monitoring their filament path.

We spoke with our Founder Brad Woods to understand more about the history of Filamet™, and how this new addition to the printing process will improve the experience for all users.

Brad tell us about Filamet™:
Filamet™ has the highest metal content of any filament on the market. Its composition includes metal powder encased in our proprietary PLA-compatible and non-toxic binder.

How will the FilaWarmer change the printing process for the user?
One of the most important parts of the 3D Printing process occurs on the path from the spool to the printer. The FilaWarmer dries and tempers the plastic binder, increasing flexibility and tensile strength, which eliminates filament breakage.

Filamet™ has an exterior plastic coating that encases and protects the metal material. This plastic keeps the memory of its shape on the spool. As the filament passes through the warmer, the memory of the Filamet™ is reset and prints with ease. Not only does the FilaWarmer improve the flexibility and maneuverability of the filament through the printing process, it also gives the user peace of mind since they don’t have to monitor the filament path between the spool and the printer.

Will Filamet™ prints change with the FilaWarmer?
After the Filamet™ gets pulled through the warming mechanism it will print the same high quality print. The FilaWarmer improves the printing process, and does not change the print properties.

What instructions can you give for the use of the FilaWarmer?
The FilaWarmer comes pre-programmed to 60°C – perfect for Stainless Steel 316L Filamet™.

Adjust the temperature to 45°C for Bronze and Copper Filamet™.

For best results, station the Filamet™ spool above the printer to minimize any bend of the filament as it comes off the spool. Hang the FilaWarmer so that the top of the warming tube is at the same level as the spool center hole.

We also want users to know that the FilaWarmer isn’t just for Filamet™, it can be used for any PLA-based filament.

Where can you purchase the FilaWarmer?
In our online store at

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