The Filawarmer Overcomes Fragile Filament

The Filawarmer overcomes fragile filament. This article answers some of the questions Partner Innovators have about the Filawarmer and dive into exactly how to use it to get the best results.

Who needs a Filawarmer?

Anyone printing a filament that needs to be straightened out to make it to the extruder. Filamet™ can be more brittle than other filaments because of the high metal content. Some filaments that need a Filawarmer are Bronze, Copper, Stainless Steel 17-4, Stainless Steel 316L, Inconel 718, and Zirconium Silicate. To know which filaments need a Filawarmer, look under the size and weight options on the product page.

What is a Filawarmer?

FilaWarmer Image

A Filawarmer is a device that you run Filamet™ through and it warms the material, taking the “memory” out of the filament from being wound on the spool. This straightens out the filament on its way to the extruder.

Why do I need a Filawarmer?

Filamet™ has a PLA compliant binder and there is so much metal, ceramic, or glass in it that makes it more brittle than traditional PLA. Because of this, we developed the Filawarmer to anneal the PLA and straighten it out on its way to the extruder

How do I set up a Filawarmer?

Placement of the Filawarmer is crucial to your success with it. If you place it too far away from the spool, too high, or too low, the filament may break before it can reach the Filawarmer. It also could break right at the top due to the angle being just a little too sharp. This is why we recommend that the top of the Filawarmer be aligned with the center of the spool.

What happens to the Filamet™ that went through the Filawarmer but didn’t get used?

The effect of the Filawarmer lasts for about 24-48 hours. After that, it becomes more brittle than it was before. You can try putting it through the Filawarmer again but you will need to be more careful to not break it. Otherwise, you can just break it off and discard it.

Filawarmer Installation Video
Filawarmer Setup (Direct Drive)
Filawarmer on an Ultimaker 3D Printer (Bowden)
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