The Virtual Foundry Flange Adapter

This case study shows how the part was designed (including some tips for DFAM), how short it took to make (2 days!) and how it’s used on the machine.

TVF Podcast V4 E8:

Halmstad University’s work with Filamet™

“What we like in particular, all three of us, is this type of open architecture. You buy material. You are free to choose your printer. You are free to choose your debinding and sintering furnace. And that we have a community so that every one of us is enabled in some way to get the best operation of the manufacturing process – manufacturing route – that fits the requirements of a specific product. And I think this is such a great thing with this opportunity to contribute to this open architecture.”

Halmstad University:
Fab Lab Halmstad:
Senad’s and Amogh’s Publication:
TVF Podcast V3 E13:

Large Sintered Copper Print

This case study illustrates Fairfield Product Engineering Corp’s work with 600-700g copper prints used as heat exchangers. Sintering details included.

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