Filamet™ comes in both 1.75mm and 2.85mm and print on any FDM/FFF 3D printer that accepts any brand of filament.

Material Load By MassRecommended NozzleSintering TemperatureSintering RefractoryDensity (g/cc)Filawarmer Recommended
Aluminum 606165.0 – 68.5%0.6mm Hardened Steel620°C (1148°F) UntestedUntested1.50 – 1.54No
Bronze88.0 – 90.0%0.6mm Hardened Steel885°C (1625°F)AL203, Magnesium Silicate and Sintering Carbon4.29 – 4.50Yes
Copper87.0 – 90.0%0.6mm Hardened Steel1052°C (1925°F)AL203, Magnesium Silicate and Sintering Carbon4.50 – 4.70Yes
H13 Tool Steel86.8%0.6mm Hardened Steel1260°C (2300°F)Steel Blend and Sintering Carbon3.56No
High Carbon Iron75.0 – 80.0%0.8mm Hardened Steel1300°C (2372°F)
Steel Blend and Sintering Carbon2.75No
Inconel® 71882.0 – 85.0%0.6mm Hardened Steel1260°C (2300°F)Steel Blend and Sintering Carbon3.23Yes
Pure Iron
80.0 – 82.0%0.6mm Hardened Steel1300°C (2372°F)
Steel Blend and Sintering Carbon2.81Yes
Stainless Steel 17-480.0 – 85.0%0.6mm Hardened Steel1232°C (2250°F)Steel Blend and Sintering Carbon3.00Yes
Stainless Steel 316L80.0 – 85.0%0.6mm Hardened Steel1260°C (2300°F)Steel Blend and Sintering Carbon3.50Yes
Rapid 3DShield Tungsten88.0 – 94.0%0.6mm Hardened Steel2200°C (3992°F) UntestedUntested7.80Do Not Use
Titanium 64-578.0 – 82.0%0.6mm Hardened Steel1350°C (2462°F) UntestedUntested2.46Yes
Pyrex® (Borosilicate)66.0 – 72.0%0.6mm Hardened Steel843°C (1550°F)AL203 or Magnesium Silicate1.50No
Amaco 46-D32.0 – 40.0%0.6mm Hardened Steel1232°C (2250°F)Any material that is refractory at the sinter temperature1.44Yes
Amaco White 25-D (Discontinued)40.0%0.6mm Hardened Steel1232°C (2250°F)Any material that is refractory at the sinter temperature1.50Yes
Silicon Carbide63-66%0.6mm Hardened Steel1860°C (3380°F) UntestedUntested1.90Yes
Zirconium Silicate (Zircopax®)64.0 – 69.0%0.6mm Hardened Steel1500°C (2732°F) UntestedAny material that is refractory at the sinter temperature2.11Yes

Aluminum’s Oxides pose a challenge in the sintering process and it needs more than just an oxygen-free environment. Aluminum and its alloys can only be effectively sintered in pure nitrogen or in a vacuum. Argon has been used in the past, but can create some bonding issues between particles. There are conditions that aluminum requires depending on the alloy and geometry. Simple aluminum alloys such as 2014 can be sintered in dry nitrogen, but the furnace needs to be tight (-50 dewpoint) and uniform (±1°F) temperature control. Sintering development for Aluminum 6061 is underway. Current information and updates can be found here, as well as in our Discord server here.
Oxygen is damaging to the metal sintering process. Sintering Carbon is used to combat this. Titanium is extra troublesome because it absorbs oxygen like crazy. It will pull oxygen out of a standard kiln’s insulation. Compounding the issue is titanium’s reactivity in the presence of oxygen and heat. The solution that we understand today is to use an all-metal kiln and a chamber thoroughly flooded with ultra high-purity argon.




The Virtual Foundry can covert nearly any material into 3D printing filament. If you don’t see your preferred material here, contact us to ask about custom material development.


Sinter printed metal and ceramic objects with the click of a button.

These systems allow Partner Innovators to sinter a number of The Virtual Foundry 3D printed materials including Ceramics, Bronze, Copper, 316L Stainless Steel, 17-4PH Stainless Steel, Inconel 718, and more in development!

How it works: 3D Print, Pack, Sinter, Metal! You “pack” the printed part in a Sintering Refractory Ballast and load the part in the Kiln. Select the parameters for sintering, click start and your parts will soon turn to functional metal objects! Follow the sintering instructions included with the kiln to turn your printed parts into metal. This kiln allows for your choice of inert gas or open environment sintering.

The Virtual Foundry Sintering Kiln

Price: $2980*

120v, 12A , 1440w
Max. Temperature: 1288°C / 2350°F
Controller: TAP control, touchscreen. Program and monitor with your phone or computer.
Solid State output
CE : Yes has CE Designation

Sintering Area / Chamber Volume:
7.5″ Width x 7.5″ Depth x 7.5″ Height / 
191mm Width x 191mm Depth x 191mm Height

Kiln Outer Dimensions:
22.25″ Width x 18″ Depth x 21.25″ Height /
565mm Width x 457mm Depth x 540mm Height

Compatible Materials:
Bronze, Copper, H13 Tool Steel, Inconel 718, Stainless Steel 17-4, Stainless Steel 316L, Pyrex® (Borosilicate), Amaco 46-D

This Kiln Ships via Freight
Shipping Weight:  50lbs

Current Lead Time: 14 Weeks
*Prices do not include shipping. Contact us for a shipping quote.

FireX Sintering Kiln

The Virtual Foundry FireX

Price: $1970*

115v, 15A, 1800w, 50/60Hz, Single Phase
Max. Temperature: 1232°C/2250°F
Controller: 3-Key Controller
Plug: 5-15P
UL Listed

Sintering Area / Chamber Volume:
8″ Width x 8″ Depth x 6″ Height /
203mm Width x 203mm Depth x 152mm Height

Kiln Outer Dimensions:
15″ Width x 20.5″ Depth x 14.5″ Height /
381mm Width x 521mm Depth x 368mm Height

Compatible Materials:
Bronze, Copper, Pyrex® (Borosilicate), Amaco 46-D

This Kiln Ships via UPS
Shipping Weight:  56lbs

Current Lead Time: 14 Weeks
*Prices do not include shipping. Purchase here.

Which kiln is right for you?

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