Start Forging Your Dream Projects Today with Filamet™

Introducing Filamet™ the only FFF Metal 3D Printing Technology that gives everyone the power to 3D Print and Sinter metal, ceramics and glass with simple equipment that everyone can afford!​

Affordable Metal 3D Printing Technology for All

Common Printer + Common Kiln = Pure Metal 3D Printing at Home!

Affordable and Easy to Use, Here’s How it Works:

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Print in Common FFF 3D Printers

The Virtual Foundry’s Filamet™ metal, glass and ceramic FFF 3D Printing filaments combine metal (or glass or ceramic) powder with a Polylactic Acid (PLA) binder to enable a printing process familiar to PLA users, in printers made for plastics.

Metal Filament A small oven with a lid, designed for desktop use.
Standard kiln


Debind in a Common Kiln

After printing, the part is placed in a kiln like those found in schools and heat-treatment facilities and countless other environments, this removes the binder leaving behind a porous metal structure.

Metal Filament A small copper stool on a white background.
With minimal investment you can create pure metal parts in your classroom, home studio or machine shop


Sinter in the Same Kiln

The print is then raised to a higher temperature, causing the particles to fuse together and form a metal, glass or ceramic part. This phase of the process densifies the material, resulting in a final part that is dense and strong.

YES! You can 3D print pure metal parts with a kiln and a 3D printer from companies like Prusa, Ultimaker, Lulzbot, Creality, etc.! If your printer can print PLA filament, it can also print Pure Metal with Filamet™.

How Can I Use Filament?

Metal Filament A person is holding a copper model of a stadium created using metal 3D printing.

See some of the cool parts made with Filamet™

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Read the published research
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Featured Products

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Ceramic 3D Printing Filament

Glass 3D Printing Filament

Metal Filament A 3D printer with a wide range of parts, including fffmetal and metal filament capabilities.

The Advantages of Printing with Filamet™ 3D Printing Filaments

Customers Who Trust The Virtual Foundry

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What’s on Your Material Wish List?

The Virtual Foundry Can Make It.

The Virtual Foundry has provided this service to organizations like National Labs, NASA and a variety of public and private research organizations. We’ve made Filamet™ with everything from high-tech Thermoelectric materials like doped Molybdenum Telluride and custom 3D printable piezoelectric materials, etc. All the way to the other end of the spectrum with simplistic materials like foundry sand for 3D printable casting cores and components.

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