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The Virtual Foundry Is Growing – Join the Cause!

For the first time in three years, the window is again open for you to join the cause of democratizing metal manufacturing!

Be a part of the movement that puts the power of a machine shop in the hands of the individual. The Virtual Foundry’s metal 3D printing solution offers the only fully in-house (or in-studio or in-lab) process for making metal parts yourself.

In the near term, closing December 31, you have the opportunity to invest using a convertible note.

Following the Convertible Note round, we’ll begin a Seed Round, expected to close in Q2 of 2023.

The Virtual Foundry is having a growing impact in the research and education sector. Students throughout the world have studied and used the Filamet™ process in their work. Take a look at some of the dozens of papers they’ve published here.

With partnerships domestically and abroad, The Virtual Foundry is globally impacting the democratization of manufacturing.

Are you ready? Need more information? Use this link to schedule some time to talk, email us, or text or call +1 (608) 509-7146.

We look forward to bringing you on board!

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