Forge Sintering 3D Prints

Forge Sintering Bronze Day 1: I’m in the shop today working on some new ways to sinter parts that have already been debound. We call them ‘brown’ at this stage. I’m working with bronze today. Our normal debind recipe for all of our materials is to: We typically run this cycle over night, Debind one […]

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Bronze-Age Relic?

Bronze-Age Relic? or, was this pure bronze work of art 3D printed in someones basement just last week? Drumroll Please… It was 3D Printed with less than $3 worth of Filamet™, a bronze 3D printing filament that works with any of the millions of 3d printers that currently print plastic. Combining Filamet™ with the most

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Design for Additive Manufacturing with Filamet™

Each metal additive manufacturing process has its own set of guidelines for ideal part size and shape – Design for Additive Manufacturing – and Filamet™ is no different. While the open-architecture process that Filamet™ allows gives you unlimited options, there are some parameters that, if followed, will make it easier for you to get the

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3D Printed Titanium Breakthrough!

3D Printed Titanium Breakthrough! A newly published paper by David Alexander of the University of Texas at El Paso, Doctoral Program in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering details a method for using Filamet™ to create Fuel Cell components using low-cost commercial materials and equipment. For the many people that are working with our Titanium Products, this

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Why are Aluminum and Titanium Filamet™ “Untested”?

Why is Aluminum more difficult to sinter than the other materials we work with at The Virtual Foundry? It’s actually a pretty interesting story, let’s talk through it. In a word, Oxides. One of the things that makes Aluminum such a useful material is that it doesn’t corrode. But, here’s the catch, it does corrode.

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Liquid Phase Sintering

Since the beginning of The Virtual Foundry, I’ve been experimenting with nearly every variation, adaptation and enhancement for the most common methods of sintering for 3D Metal prints. One that we have not yet perfected but shows tremendous promise is Liquid Phase Sintering. This technique provides a method of producing a part of very low

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Make48 at Fab-Lab Stoughton

I just got back from a remarkable spectacle, Make48 at Fab-Lab Stoughton. -Sponsord by Trek (and Trek went all in!) Make48 at Fab-Lab Stoughton – Here’s the description from the Make48 website: Make48 is a nationwide, invention-competition docuseries that gives teams a challenge at the start of a two-day event. With just 48 hours, teams

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