Metal Filament Four different types of metal heatsinks are shown.

Academic Research on TVF’s Tech

Metal Filament Four different types of metal heatsinks are shown.
Metal Filament Four different types of metal heatsinks are shown.

Academic Papers and other Research Building on The Virtual Foundry's FFF Metal 3D Printing Technology.

The Virtual Foundry’s metal-composite filaments and the methods for processing and sintering them are a truly foundational technology. A foundation that has people all over the world developing new solutions to old problems, and even solutions that had never been pondered before the deployment of an easily accessible and affordable method of using 3D Printing to create parts out of materials other than plastic.
Today we have more transformative partners, innovators and applications than we can possibly list. The following paragraphs are a path to some of the publicly published Academic Research that’s available today. This list grows weekly. We conservatively estimate that the various Academic Paper libraries contain between 90 and 100 unique papers that reference The Virtual Foundry by name. Hundreds of other articles then cite these papers. 
The information referencing and based directly upon TVF is expanding rapidly. We strongly encourage anyone starting their journey into this technology explore what has already been written. There’s a lot more work to be done, but all of this research can help new contributors get up to speed much more quickly.
Tungsten- 32 Papers Published
Here is a search listing some of the published Academic Papers relating to Tungsten Filamet™ that reference ‘The Virtual Foundry’ by name. These relate in some way to various types of Radiation Therapy and/or diagnostics. 
Copper- 89 Papers
For copper you tend to find research in various thermal management applications, electrical conductivity, welding and a variety of other uses.
Bronze- 39 Papers
These search results are similar to copper, but bronze is much stronger than copper. Because of its strength the research for bronze starts to talk more about 3d printing as an alternative to casting and milling.
Stainless and Iron- 49 Results
Stainless and Iron have a huge range of applications, so the papers here are all over the place as far as the topics they cover.
Ceramics- 68 Results
This category includes a wide range of materials. It includes things based on simple aluminum oxide, like that used in pottery and all the way over to high-tech ceramics like silicon-carbide, zirconium silicate, etc. We stock some of these while others are custom runs we’ve done specifically for the research being done.
Glass- 47 Results
The primary filament we make in this category is borosilicate glass (brand name Pyrex). There’s a lot of room to expand this research.
Note: Some papers appear in multiple searches, and I don’t think this list is exhaustive.  When we are given permission to publish the papers, we put them on our website HERE. We estimate that there are around 90-100 unique Published Papers that contain the words ‘The Virtual Foundry’.
There’s also a lot of research going on that isn’t being written about publicly, research that involves corporate Intellectual Property. There are many published papers that don’t reference us by name, but are clearly based on our technology.
If you have material you would like us to add, please contact us at [email protected]
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