Metal Filament 3D printed colossal copper ashtray in Rome, Italy using metal 3D printing.

What’s the Biggest Part I Can Make with FFF Metal?

Hello Partner Innovators!

One of the questions you regularly ask us is:
What’s the biggest part I can make with FFF Metal by The Virtual Foundry?

The awesome thing about FFF Metal with The Virtual Foundry is that you have total control over every step of the process. That means you can push the envelope in every way!

So what IS the biggest part you can make? 

Read below and learn:

  • The sweet spot for part size with this process

  • Tips to go outside those parameters

  • The biggest parts we’ve made in-house

FFF Metal with The Virtual Foundry means you’re 3D printing metal on your own equipment.


Brad and Tricia talk through the sweet spot of part size in this podcast, and they cover what to do when you want to print something that’s bigger than that.

Brad shows the biggest parts we’ve made here (6lbs of copper!) and the challenges that come along with that.

References mentioned in the podcast:
Blog Post: Design for Additive Manufacturing with Filamet™
PDF: Design Guidelines For 3D Printing and Sintering Filamet™

The Biggest Parts We Have Made:

Our largest thick part

This Easter Island Moai is 197mm tall (7.8″) and weighs 2.9kg (6.3 lbs).

It was printed with Copper Filamet™, likely on a CreatorBot 3D printer.

In the podcast, you’ll see a defect in this sintered part and hear some tips for preventing that same defect in your own parts.

Metal Filament A statue of a man with a head on a table, created using metal 3D printing.
Metal Filament 3D printed colossal copper ashtray in Rome, Italy using metal 3D printing.

Our largest ideal part

This Colosseum is 164mm wide (6.5″) and weighs 535g (1.2 lbs).

It was printed with Copper Filamet™, likely on a Creality Ender 3 3D printer.

Large Part Case Study

This case study shows more large parts in use, and how they got there.

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